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WeChat Apply team has discovered a trend of Tens of thousands miles of sales journey. The strategy has proved successful to some emerging brands in the cross-border trade sector between China and Australia in 2018. Interestingly the product themselves may not be traditional Australian products which have been proud by Australians.

It is brainstormed and tried out by a bunch of really intelligent Australian based business entrepreneurs who have gained a global vision of product selecting, duo-market experience, most importantly they know how Chinese consumers think and behave better than their peers in the western market.

Welcome to the hybrid of Australianised European Product designed to sell to Chinese. Australia has a strong ego of Australian made concept, Australian made represent genuine, good quality, natural and truthful character. But Australian made also means high production cost, pricy logistics, low volume output and long turn around times.

Yelling you are Australian Made is far from enough to sell well in China. Unless it is hard to replace, with high production barrier, or it is a top luxury brand, the product has to be cheap, meaning price affordable by 80% of the population, fast delivery, quick order response, and large production volume.

Australia is the no.6 trade parter to China, while China is the no.1 trade parter to Australia. Similar situation to New Zealand, which geo location is even worse, at the world’ far edge.

For centuries, Europe leads the world civilization and culture. the products made in Europe have been naturally regarded as high quality in Chinese consumers mind. They represent traditional, advanced in technology, highly branded. In short, hey admire European stuff.

Chinese Australian population is so active and effective on conveying and convincing their relatives and friends back in China. Smart brand marketers have seized the matured Daigou channel and pumped effective marketing engagement into this channel and let Daigou do the last leg of message delivering to the ears and eyes of the end consumers in China.

Contributed by more direct and frequent flights, and year on year tighten logistic connections on trade, also driven by Chinese Australian Daigous selling activities, Australian to China air freight and shipping costs much lower than below. Freight cost is even significantly cheaper than Australia -Singapore or NewZealand to China.

Here are the 4 steps of how the strategy could work well.

0. Build distribution network, or you already have a one able to take your product and sell.
1. Source products made from with an economical scale, European gene is the starting point.
2. Utilize the large crowd of Australian Chinese community, in particular, Daigou community via a series of marketing activation campaigns, as an outcome, these products are getting known to Chinese consumers.
3. Let them know they have to purchase either from their Daigou directly shipped from Australia or buy from the online shops which store ship-from-Australia.
4. Lastly use all round marketing resources to hammer the market in a short period of time, normally 3 months.

An skin care and fast fashion entrepreneur who has adopted the strategy and applied really well, has told WeChat Apply team that they achieved an over a million items of sales within 3 months of continuous event marketing and promotions, one of their core brand activation activities was the fashion night organized by WeChat Apply Duobright team.

In addition to managing online marketing campaigns, WeChat Apply has commissioned a growing number of brand activation events which emphasis on educating distributor representatives purposely flown by brands from China, they enjoy their Australian trip while receiving product education via attending cruise parties, entertained dining and highly brand exposing activities.

“Daigous are our speakers and screens,

distribution network both in Australia and China is our cash cow”

By offering free gift bags in exchange of their social following, wow them with state of art entertaining performance and scatter rounds and rounds of small lucky money envelopes in the on-site real-time WeChat chat group, the engaging environment is created, Daigou would do the important part- pull out their phone and share what’s going on in the event.

“We are broadening our target market, we are not talking about tens of millions, we are talking about 100 million. We are in the era of surplus, everything become so accessible. Consumers have so many choices. we have to do all means to let them pick ours from others. “

Price has to be set competitive, good quality, something new, distribution network and never-ending marketing campaigns that may include the ones as big as thousands-guests entertaining launch with top celebrities invited in town, presenting well in trade expos, disciplined approach of following actions:

Keep value for money murmuring to as many people accessed.
Routine WeChat original edited content publishing
Daily or bi-daily WeChat friend circle (moment) updating
Create promotional content for resellers to grab and use

Brands who are good at making most out of the strategy, are shifting their focus to distributor and reseller network in China from relying on Daigou to sell directly. They are lining up to gain product entry approval, building their own warehousing or patterning local warehouses in free trade zones, strengthening their relationships with concentrated powerful trade distributors.

WeChat Apply DuoBright has gained thousands of Daigou contacts in our database which is a goldmine when it comes to amplifying the marketing messages to China market. Want to learn more or do more about leveraging this channel to help to fire up your export to China, feel free to have a chat with us!

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